Activators Self-Assessment

On a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high), rate yourself on each of the following questions:

How effective are you at quieting the voice in your head and reducing the impact of your fears?

How good are you at being purpose-driven and using inspiration as a tool to motivate yourself and your team?

How skilled are you at employing deliberate, rational thinking rather than a more rapid, emotionally-driven approach?

How effective are you at identifying and permanently changing behavioral and thinking habits that don’t serve you?

How disciplined are you about upgrading the people — advisors, peer groups, mentors, etc. — surrounding you?

How good are you at creating and tracking clear, highly visible metrics that reinforce progress toward your long-term aspirations?

How effective are you at framing past experiences — even the bumps, bruises and most major setbacks — as positives to propel you forward?

How good are you at fully experiencing your life — with joy and spontaneity — in the present moment?

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