Angela Paraskevi Stratigou 's Results

Why is it so difficult to execute what we already know we should be doing?

Leaders at all levels of experience struggle with this question in themselves and in others throughout their organizations. It doesn’t arise from lack of knowledge or skills. Nor from lack of information. The root causes are three Hidden Growth Killers – Motivators, Habits, and Beliefs – that consistently undermine our best intentions. The remedy lies in eight Activators which, when properly deployed, minimize the negative impact of your particular Hidden Growth Killers.

The results of this assessment will point you to the Activators that will benefit you the most.

What Do I Need To Work On?


Reduce Fear


Increase Inspiration


Get Rational


Change Unproductive Habits


Change Your Neighborhood


Measure More


Leverage Your Past


Enjoy the Journey

Closing Thoughts

Note the overall shape of the graph above. Ideally, it should appear like a smooth wheel – at or close to the outermost rings. The color-coded boxes above let you know which Activators are your strengths (in green) and which are your weaknesses (in red), which correspond to the Hidden Growth Killers that are invisibly costing you the most.

Pick one activator you’d like to improve, then go here to download the free corresponding tool you’ll need to get started. Want to buy the book? You’ll find it here: Activators on Amazon!

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