Creating a Culture of Accountability

The best strategies and market opportunities in the world mean nothing if you’re not able to leverage your people effectively to execute your plan. And yet, Accountability remains a perennial top issue for business leaders around the world.

In Creating a Culture of Accountability, Mark Green crafted a practical, easy-to-use “how to” guide to help business leaders implement the behaviors, structure, rules, tools and processes required to close the costly and frustrating Accountability gap.

A culture of rigorous accountability enables effective execution, retains high performers and improves the sense of collaboration, winning and fun in your business. This cycle drives significantly higher employee return on investment (ROI), giving you more flexibility to scale and attain your most ambitious aspirations. With these outcomes in mind, the need to improve accountability in almost every organization is clear.

This book shows you how.


In Activators, Mark Green exposes the unconscious mechanisms that interfere with your thinking and results. This is not a beginners’ guide, rather it is written for seasoned high-performers. Drawing on behavioral research, client case studies, and his extensive experience coaching mid-market CEOs, Mark has written a practical operations manual for your mind, filled with proven guidance and easy-to-use tools to help you and your team accomplish more.

Activators is the ultimate guide to close the gap between the leader you are and the leader you aspire to become — enabling more freedom, greater abundance, and the acceleration of your legacy.

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