Ryan Sasson

Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC - CEO

Mark is much more than your average strategic planning coach. Mark becomes part of the team and, at the right time, lends a voice in the room that is smart, caring and passionate. As a leadership coach, Mark gives direct feedback on the business and the team that is invaluable for a CEO to hear from a trusted and respected source.

Boris Levin

Mott Corporation - CEO

Mark’s incisive questions, insights, and coaching are important elements of my continued growth as a CEO. He adds tremendous value as a strategic thinker, yet also digs deeply and with great effect into more tactical issues regarding people, teams, communication, and execution. His ability to zoom in to test assumptions and then zoom out to assess strategy is unparalleled.

Jonathan Greenblatt

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - CEO & National Director

Mark has been a tremendous asset to ADL. He’s pushed our team to be more focused, more rigorous and drive greater impact while bringing his unique blend of compassion and humanity to the process. His smarts and insights have helped us to raise the bar and improve performance. Perhaps most impressive, Mark toggles effectively between coaching our executive team and working directly with me as a trusted and truth-telling advisor

Debbie Madden

Stride Consulting - Founder | Chairwoman | CEO

Mark helps our team level up, quarter after quarter. He has an uncanny ability to know exactly when to guide our team so that we are outside our comfort zone and come out stronger on the other side, and when to hang back and let us work through an issue together. I know I can rely on Mark to provide honest feedback and guidance, no matter how complex the task.

Yann de Rochefort

Boqueria - Bar de Tapas-Restaurante - Founder and CEO

Working with Mark helped me prepare my company for growth by transforming my team’s engagement and willingness to grow at a difficult time.I credit Mark with helping me shift increasingly to working on my business instead of in my business and sparking significant personal growth.Hiring Mark was one of the best decisions I made as a CEO.

Rob Herzog

ZogSports - CEO

When I first interviewed Mark, he asked, “what do you want to achieve in our relationship?” I replied, “freedom.” And he has definitely helped get me there. I have completely extracted myself from day-to-day operations and now focus solely on growing the company, including starting related businesses. The icing on the cake is we’ve more than doubled in size. Mark is tough and I love how he holds me and my entire management team accountable.

David Schnurman

LawLine - CEO

Shortly after we began working with Mark, we were able to realize a return on the mindset and disciplines he helped us adopt: more proactive focus on people (right people in the right seats) and infinitely more precise execution of our strategy. Our business has completely transformed as a result of working with Mark. We are deliberate.We are focused. We are planning and executing change like never before. And we are growing!Hands down, engaging Mark as my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a CEO.

Ken Judy

Stride Consulting - COO

Over our first twelve months, Mark's consistent contribution to our Leadership Team has been exactly as he promised-a bar-raiser. He teaches and encourages but insists we hold ourselves and each other accountable. He cuts through the defenses we put up around ourselves and makes it very clear when our efforts as a leadership team are not rising to the level of candor and integrity worthy of the business we aspire to build. Because of this, we’ve changed the composition of our team, adopted a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual strategic planning and execution process with increasing discipline, and made dramatic changes to operating accountabilities. Mark helps us live our strategy, aligning our operating decisions and actions to our long-term vision.

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